Accounting Done Right

Upgrade your accounting today!

In the age of AI and Chat GPT, get the right tools to supercharge your business. With Talha & Co’s automated accounting solutions and our seven years of experience with hundreds of clients, we can help you get ahead of your competition with financial insights and results to help you actively monitor the outcome of your decision.

Take Stress out of Accounting


Up To Date

Your books are ready when you need them. We make sure you have all details that you need to drive your business.


Take doubts out of your financial reports. With a team of expert accountants, you are always sure of your bottom line.


No Downtime. We have a team to look after numbers of your business. You get accounting done as a service

Included in Every Package

  • Complimentary Subscription of Quick Books Online (Save upto $36) per month)
  • Financial Reports
    • Balance Sheet
    • Income Statement
    • Cash Flow Statement
  • Data for your Taxes

What You Get


  • Monthly Results
  • Complete Financial Statements
  • Recording and Reconciliations
  • Complimentary Subscription