Digital Tax

What is Digital Tax?

Digital is a self-service tax support tool created by Talha & Co. The tool is available publicly and can be used to get help regarding tax-related matters. With years of experience in technology, Talha & Co. has designed Digital Tax to help taxpayers in Pakistan. Whether an individual or company, Digital Tax is a one-window solution to simplify all tax-related matters in Pakistan.

We cover all areas of Taxation in Pakistan


Who is it For?

It is for everyone whether Pakistani or someone looking to work/invest in Pakistan, Digital Tax has all the answers to your tax-related questions.

Digital Tax Features

One Window Solution

Digital Tax provides a one-window solution to all parts of our taxation service. Whether it is tax filing, tax opinion, or tax litigation, Digital Tax is designed for you to request a specific question or service and get an immediate response through our consultants. All our work is delivered digitally right into your mailbox and personalized portal. All documents are stored in an easy-to-understand user interface.

History of Responses

Digital Tax has infinite memory. Moving forward it will act like your personalized tax file and will contain all documents related to your tax services with Talha & Co.

Knowledge Base

Digital Tax is equipped with a tax knowledge platform that will contain all statutes case laws, guidance, updates, and calculators related to taxation in Pakistan. The knowledge platform is designed based on our experience with already existing platforms in the market and the feedback received from hundreds of taxpayers in Pakistan.


Tax calculations are the single most type of query that we get from our clients. To make tax more efficient for you, we have developed tax calculators to quickly provide you the number you were looking for.


Tax Calculations are not the only Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). To improve user experience, our portal includes FAQs and their responses along with references to law.

Team Access

Teams take things forward. You can request team access for your company portal for better collaboration between Talha & Co. and your team.