Talha & Co.

Chartered Accountant firm who loves to mess with technology. We excel at making our clients happy by digital transformation of processes.

Who we are.

A team of highly motivated individuals with a client focused agenda. All members of our team are trained to be efficient and accurate at what they do which is the need of every client when it comes to numbers. Our team has years of experience and we love to stay ahead by learning as we grow.

How we work.

1 The first step of our approach to any project is to analyse the requirements of the client. The need assessment is the basis of our work plan and ensures that all requirements are fulfilled upon completion of the project.

2 The second step is to prepare a work plan and discuss with the client. It is the most crucial step in the process as it connects the requirements of the client with the work which is to be executed.

3 The work is executed based on the work plan and draft is shared for comments with the client. The draft is discussed to make sure the client's requirements are met and the project is successfully completed.